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Lynn McLeod, CCLC, CLPM
Personal Litigation Coach

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Confronting a lawsuit is a tough place to start tackling a sharp learning curve.

In a world where coaching is often sought for a myriad of circumstances, it only makes sense you can benefit from the same type of guidance when involved in a legal matter. Thriving sports or entertainment performers, business professionals, as well as those facing significant life changes often seek assistance from a coaching expert. You can too.

A coach does not replace an attorney any more than a fitness trainer would replace a physician. Rather it is another layer of support capable of significantly improving your overall wellbeing throughout the process. Your attorney will attend to all aspects of your case while a coach concentrates on you throughout the case.

If you are like many people, it may be your first involvement with the court system. This is where the learning curve begins with deciphering legal language, protocol, culture or how to navigate through the complexities. Litigation also comes with a very unique type of stress presenting specific characteristics that left unchecked can have long term and harmful effects. Distinctive communication dynamics common to what we call "performance events" (i.e. mediation, depositions or testifying at a hearing) can be mastered in such a way to provide you heightened confidence and credibility. Each of these aspects can be considerably impacted through coaching. Please contact me if you would like to learn more. 

Lynn McLeod is not a licensed attorney and will not review or prepare documents or advise on any legal aspect of a case. 
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