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What exactly is
personal litigation coaching?

"Knowing your cards and playing them well."

First we start by assessing your personal set of circumstances, the type of litigation stress you are experiencing, and what the likely "performances events" you may face in the future. The next step is formulating non-legal goals you would like to accomplish. Coaching will guide you to discover a more objective perspective on your own unique situation and what the landscape ahead clearly looks like. Doing so is not only key to putting together a viable plan, but also vital for improving your overall wellbeing throughout the process. What coaching sadly cannot do is change the cards you have been dealt. However, it certainly can encourage you how to play them well. 


Assessing your personal set of circumstances

You come to the table with your own life experiences and a set of concerns about facing litigation, most notably fear or uncertainty. Coaching helps untangle many perplexities, replacing them with clarity, offering an objective look at your situation. Seeing litigation with a sharper perspective will suit you in a number of beneficial ways.


Tackling your litigation stress 

Litigation stress can hit you in a myriad of ways from loss of sleep, ruminating thoughts, oversharing details, unrelenting worry or shutting down completely. Research has shown when left unchecked it has the potential to create symptoms which resemble PTSD producing triggers that may linger long after litigation ends. Coaching identifies, then tackles the stress with real tools that are both healthy and constructive. Bonus: You can always use these techniques in the future after it is over. 


Training to improve performance events

When you are facing a performance event (mediation, deposition, or testifying at a hearing) we will tweak your natural communication style with specific strategies designed for the highest impact. It is not as simple as answering a question truthfully, but more to the point with confidence and credibility - the holy grail when influencing an outcome. Regardless of your opponents position, you will be trained to present yours in a compelling fashion.  

Lynn McLeod is not a licensed attorney and will not review or prepare documents or advise on any legal aspect of a case. 
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