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"On so many levels I felt completely outmatched against my daughter's father because he had more resources than I did. Lynn taught me how to stand my ground against his allegations and respond without being frightened. We spent a lot of time preparing how I would tell the truth as I answered tricky questions more convincingly at depositions and when we went to court. It may not seem like such a big deal, but having Lynn's support and kindness made all the difference."

Sarah W.
Single Mom



"My wife and I were going down the path toward a lawsuit against neighbors who had launched repeated complaints with our homeowners association. We had no idea how involved the situation would have become had we chosen that direction. Lynn not only brought clarity to our situation, but was also able to help us find a resolution to avoid escalating the matter and going to court."

Mike and Cathy S.
VP of Compliance and Teacher



"I was accused of a crime I didn't commit. To say it was stressful is a huge understatement. I cannot tell you how helpful it was to have Lynn coaching me on some of the subtleties of the legal process, how not to respond to things that irked me, but to keep my cool and testify credibly. My attorney said I made his job easier by doing better than he expected. Even though being found not guilty may have been the outcome either way, coaching was a tremendous advantage. I highly recommend Lynn. She is smart, no nonsense, and worth every penny."

Gerard P.
Retired Electrician



"After a long marriage with verbal and mental abuse I found myself sobbing in my therapists office, considering suicide. My attorney had referred me for counseling, which was deeply needed. But my therapist thought it was a good idea to see Lynn to prepare for depositions. We worked for weeks on how to improve the way I could comfortably answer questions for the deposition. To finally have my truth told. When they were over I called to tell her, 'I thought I would come out with my tail between my legs, but instead I have a spring in my step. I didn't do perfect, but I got an A.' We settled our case the following week because both attorneys knew I would do well if we went to trial. I know I couldn't have survived without Lynn's support. She is amazing."

Jennifer C.
Dental Office Manager



"A pastor at my church referred me to Lynn McLeod when I was trying NOT to compromise my legal position while at the same time hoping to derail my wife's efforts to get a divorce. Marriage counseling failed and I was ill equipped to manage such a highly stressful phase of our marriage alone. Or to recognize mistakes I was about to make. Lynn skillfully and steadily guided me to reframe my perspective just enough to find healthy alternatives. Coaching helped decrease my frustration, allowing for me to formulate a more positive outlook. Ultimately it slowed the process down enough to buy time for my wife and I to reconcile. Lynn's fees were the easiest money I've spent in a long, long time. There simply aren't words to describe my gratitude."

Daniel P.
Insurance Broker



"Our son, a good kid, unfortunately committed a capital offense. It was unspeakably excruciating, then having  to go through the legal process and media frenzy on top of it. We were heart broken but still had to face the reality of what was happening. Attorneys weren't able to help us because we were not their client and would be called as witnesses. Lynn was our saving grace! She explained each step of the process, calmed our fears to some degree, and certainly guided us to form our words cautiously. Lynn also recommended we put together a post-sentencing plan for the Judge. He was impressed enough to sentence our son to life with the option of parole. Considering everything, he is doing better than anyone would have thought possible and so are we. Our gratitude cannot be measured."

Henry and Ruth K
Software Engineer and Nurse



"I was head long into nasty litigation after my partner and I split our business. The stress it caused created so much anxiety, both me and my attorney were afraid I would do poorly if I testified. In other situations I was always put together, accomplished and confident, but something about the lawsuit demoralized me. The stakes were high. Lynn helped me overcome my anxiety by teaching me and then holding me accountable to practice techniques to control it. She also gave me a mindset for negotiating tactics that worked wonders. Because of this we were able to settle the matter before arbitration. I was very pleased with the outcome."

JoAnne M.
Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentist



"Leaving a company where I had worked for many years ended with being dragged into a lawsuit over a non-compete contract. Lynn was able to quickly train me how to present credible testimony in court by coaching me how to anticipate tough questions, listen carefully, and then how to respond quickly. The opposing attorney expected he would trip me up easily but due to the preparation with Lynn I was well equipped to present my side of the case confidently. We won!"

Michael C.
Director Major Accounts - Medical Div.



"Do you know someone who could benefit from personal litigation coaching? These are only a few examples of how clients enjoyed a more positive experience in the legal process. Every case and every person is different - bringing a unique set of facts and concerns to the table. This is why my coaching is tailor made for each client. There are foundational steps we will take first, however, it is the personal coaching that will create a radical contrast when learning to play the cards you have been dealt well. Happy to help!"

Lynn McLeod, CCLC, CLPM

Lynn McLeod is not a licensed attorney and will not review or prepare documents or advise on any legal aspect of a case. 
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